{Make-Up Monday} Smudge-Free Eyeliner

Summertime is about relaxing and enjoying the weather. But for most ladies, makeup is one of our biggest concerns in the heat. Melting eyeliner is one of summer’s biggest stressors, but worry no more! Say goodbye to raccoon eyes and hello to gel eyeliner.

Gel eyeliner slides on smoothly and has lasting power. The smudge-proof formula stays put- even in the summer! Gel eyeliners are more versatile than liquid and pencil liners. Not only does the gel formula blend in smoothly, but you can apply it heavily or smear a little with ease. With a fine stroke you can create a natural look, or a more dramatic look with multiple layers.

The ultra-smooth formula is also more forgiving than traditional pencil liners and liquid liners. Gel eyeliner delivers the same look of a pencil formula without the tug and pull across your eyelid. Gel is also less harsh than liquid formulas and is easier to apply precisely.

When applying gel eyeliner, use a liner brush with a fine or angled tip- thinner brushes create more precise liners and allow for more control. Apply a small amount of gel and draw a thin line first. Keep the line thin toward the inner corner and thickest at the outer. Continue to build your line until you reach your desired look. The brush applicator lets you apply like a pro, helping you achieve any look you desire!

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