{Make Up Monday} Sweat-Proof Makeup Solutions

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Has the heat been interfering with your beauty routine this summer? Well, don’t sweat it! You can have sweat-proof makeup by making a few simple substitutions in your beauty regimen!

  • Primer
    Always apply primer. Primers are lightweight and help hold your makeup in place. You will notice that your makeup lasts much longer! 
  • Foundation
    Replace your foundation with a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers are not as heavy and are more water resistant. You will get the same amount of coverage that you do from foundation, and even a more natural glow.
  • Blush
    Use a cream based blush instead of powder. The cream formula tends to last longer and gives your cheeks a natural, dewy look.
  • Eye Makeup
    Substitute pencil eyeliners with gel or liquid liners. Liquid and gel formulas tend to last longer and most are smudge resistant.
  • Mascara
    Go waterproof! It’s that simple.
  • Lips
    Try tinted lip balms. Lipstick tends to be too harsh and dry easily, while lip gloss can get sticky in the heat. Tinted lip balms add the right amount of color and shine.

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    • Tiffany
    • July 11, 2012

    Thanks for the tips! I’m always sweating at the gym and still want to look good 🙂

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