When Should You Clean Out Your Makeup?

Ever notice your products not performing as well as usual? Maybe it’s time you throw out your old products, read on to find out when it’s time to throw them away.  Get the scoop on how often you should clean out your makeup.

Mascara- 3 months: Mascara has the shortest life of all cosmetics because they are a huge breeding ground for bacteria

Cleansers and Moisturizers- 6 months: Toss after 6 months because cleansers often contain fatty acids which can turn bad quickly

Multi Purpose Creams or Sticks- 6 months: These can spread germs from the tube from each surface applied to, so keep the container clean to have the product last longer

Foundations- 1 year: Foundations without a pump can get exposed to germs from the air and your hands, but if your foundation has a pump it can last you until you use it up.

Nail Polish- 2 years: Nail polishes can last you about 2 years or until you start to see the color separate at the top

Eye and Lip Pencils- A Few Years: These can last you a while as long as they aren’t exposed to water/salivia, just be sure to sharpen them before each use


image credit: cosmetics-products.org

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