How To Find Your Perfect Shade of Red With MakeUp

Red lipstick is one of the biggest beauty staples in history. From old Hollywood glamour to this season’s runways, red lipstick has never been pushed out of the spotlight in the beauty game. Red lips are bold, sexy and make a statement wherever you are. But choosing a color takes effort. It’s very easy for red lipstick to go terribly wrong, and even easier to look like a clown. Luckily, we have the scoop to choosing the perfect shade for you.

Determining your skin tone plays a huge role in choosing the right shade of lipstick. You first must determine if you have a warm or cool skin tone. Being light skinned or dark skinned doesn’t influence your skin tone. Skin tone is determined by the underlying pigments in your skin.

Cool complexions have blue undertones in the skin, while warm complexions are usually more yellow. Not sure what this means?  Look at your wrists.  If your veins appear green, this indicates you have yellow undertones and thus would have a warm skin tone. Veins that appear to be blue indicate cool skin tones. If you are still unsure, Bella Sugar has a helpful quiz that can help you determine your skin tone.

If you have a cool skin tone, you’ll look great in reds with blue and purple undertones, like berries and plums. If you have a warm skin tone, fall colors always look nice. Reds with hints of orange, brown, and gold are always good choices.

Experiment! Don’t settle on one shade. Department stores will let you test their products, but drugstores will not, so keep this in mind before shopping! Good luck finding your perfect shade of red.

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    • Amanda
    • July 17, 2012

    Love my red lipstick 🙂

    • Caroline
    • July 23, 2012

    I love how everyone can wear red lipstick in their own way. Thanks for the article!

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