Make Up Review: Revlon Colorstay


Like any woman I have been on what seems like the eternal quest to find the perfect foundation. I am the first to admit that  I am not a “makeupista”,  but I have always wanted the perfect product to achieve that perfect face. I have had problem skin as far as I can remember. Acne and dark marks have  been my personal skincare burden for years. Now that I am out of my teenage years things are getting better but there are still those days where  I get flair-ups. I also have oily skin, which doesn’t make it easy to find a good foundation. I am always at  risk of looking extra-oily with an added layer of makeup on my face.

After research and many trials I have finally found a foundation that is great for me and manages to achieve all of my makeup and skin goals. 1. gives me complete coverage, with a small amount of foundation 2. perfectly matches my skin tone, so I don’t have to worry about how I look in pictures 3. gives me the flawless matte finish I have always wanted, especially with my oily skin I need makeup  that doesn’t get shiny throughout the day 4. last for hours without smudging 5. doesn’t rub off on clothes or my hands like other makeup products do 6. comes in combination/oily skin so it works perfect with my skin type 7. doesn’t break me out or have any other adverse side effects.

As you can see I am very happy with the Revlon Colorstay foundation. But its not just me you can find other review of it by various Youtube makeup bloggers and other webistes as well. Do yourself a favor and try it out. For $12.99 you can afford to take on chance and see if Revlon Colorstay is as great for you as it is for me.


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