4 Ways to Make Your Guest Room Amazing

Our guest rooms can sometimes be a bit of an afterthought when it comes to keeping our homes looking great. That is, until we have someone coming to stay and then it is a mad scramble to whip them up in time for our expected guests. Why not spend a little time luxing up your guest room, so it’s not only ready for your next guest, but is a room that you yourself can enjoy looking at and spending time in.

Hotel Quality Bed

Why not go all out and recreate a luxury boutique style bed for your guest bedroom, so that any guests can feel indulged and completely spoilt when they come to stay with you. There are some beautiful, luxurious bed sheets on the market these days that can have your guest bed feeling like a little slice of sleeping heaven. Shop around online for luxury bed linen companies like, Isselle and think about what sorts of styles would best suit the overall mood and atmosphere of your guest bedroom.

Once you have those beautiful new bed sheets on and looking fabulous why not accessorise your bed with an assortment of luxury and chic pillows. Be playful with the assortment of pillows you choose and experiment with different textures, colours and patterns to create a really homely, cosy and inviting looking bed.


The other textiles in your guest room also deserve a little attention. If your floors are looking a little empty and neglected then think about showing the floor a little TLC with some soft and interesting rugs. Sheepskin rugs feel beautifully soft between the toes and colourful rectangular rugs add colour and vibrancy, so mix and match and play a little with what works in your guest room.

It’s All in The Detail

So now that you have a gorgeous sumptuous looking bed and your guestroom is full with soft and inviting textures you are going to want to look at all the little details that you can add, that will really set the overall style of this room, off.

Personalize the room with interesting pieces of art or interesting photos in chunky and eclectic photoframes. Look at adding fresh flowers to the room for when your guests arrive to add that extra touch of homeliness and to fill the room with a gorgeous, fresh, floral fragrance. Speckle some pretty, scented candles around and add a couple of mirrors to open up any smaller spaces.

Create Atmosphere with Mood Lighting

The final touches should be with the lighting you are proving in your guest room. For your guest room to look truly inviting, warm and cosy you should be looking to light this room with a variety of lamps rather than overhead lighting.

Lighting is one of the best ways that you can add a soothing dynamic to any room, and that is never more true than when it comes to bedrooms. So look at the ways you can add soft, accent lighting to bed side tables and maybe a freestanding lamp in the corner of the room so that you have a few different lighting combinations and options for yourself and your guests.

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