Managing Stress

Whether we’re in high school, college or out in the real world working, we all face unwanted stress. We tend to stress about insignificant things almost as much as things that truly matter. The important thing is that we know how to manage it and not finding healthy outlets or healthy ways to maintain our sanity can cause us serious physical and mental harm.

Stress is known to lead to heart disease, can cause hair loss, acne, cancer and sometimes suicide among many other problems. I know we want to live a healthier lifestyle which is why taking care of ourselves should be a the top of our to-do lists. These illnesses and diseases can cause serious damage to our bodies. Aside from causing ourselves harm, our own issues can, and many times do affect people around us. To avoid having those you love go through difficult times and worries try to find ways to manage your stress and make it more bearable. To read on random facts about stress go here-

One way to control stress is by taking up a work out routine like yoga, kickboxing, zumba or anything of such sort. These aren’t only fun but they take focus off of the issues that are causing your stress. While at the same time, you’re getting a good work out. According to the American Psychological Association, when your body feels good and healthy, your mind starts to following along.

If you are not so into exercising, another good way to sustain your mind at ease, at least temporarily, is to do activities which demand concentration. An at home thing to do is painting your nails, try out new colors, designs, etc. The level of focus this activity requires will overshadow any other thing on your mind. Treat yourself to a “spa day” at your own home or even go out and get a massage.  For more options go to

Last but not least, browsing the internet looking for fun sites on which to read up on things that interest you can also help. Watching funny videos also help since laughter really is the best medicine. Remember ladies, keep your stress levels as low as possible in order to stay healthy and prevent physical and mental damage.

-Flaribel B.

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