Top 10 Mind-Blowing Mandela Effects

by Sarah Scoop
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The ever popular Mandela Effect has become the topic of many hair raising discussions and videos on the internet in recent years. The basic understanding is that people on a mass scale remember something so vividly, many times with anecdotes to support the memories, but they never happened. Millions of people have almost identical memories that cause it to seem rather impossible that it never happened, pushing it too far from just being a coincidence.

The phenomenon came to be when Nelson Mandela’s death in 2013 sparked many to voice their confusion about this event online as they believed he passed away in prison during the 1980’s, and even watched it on television. This false remembering on a large scale around the world caused the snowball of many other instances to be revealed, thus coining the term, the Mandela Effect. These are ten of the most well known Mandela Effects as they have caused many to question what they once knew to be true.

1. “Mirror, mirror on the wall,” was never said in Snow White.

Many people are most likely familiar with the movie Snow White and arguably the most famous line of “mirror, mirror on the wall.” However, this was never actually said in the movie. The Evil Queen instead says, “magic mirror on the wall.” This is obviously quite surprising to many Disney fans who have watched the movie several times and have grown to love it. Although the difference is somewhat minor, it challenges a memory that is extremely vivid for some and has been quoted countless time, causing it hard to believe.

2. Curious George never had a tail!

PHOTO: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Curious George’s tail has been the subject of many shocking discussions and arguments in the conspiracy theory and Mandela Effect worlds. Although tails are one of the most prominent features of monkeys, Curious George has never had one. Many people remember the famous cartoon monkey hanging from trees by his tail, and it dragging behind him. The missing tail almost looks like an error of some sort, as if the artist forgot to add it.

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3. Darth Vader doesn’t say, “Luke, I am your father.”

This is arguably one of the most famous lines in cinema history. However, “Luke, I am your father,” was never said in any of the Star Wars films. Instead, Darth Vader tells Luke Skywalker, “No. I am your father,” which is not how even some of the biggest Star Wars fans remember the line being delivered. Some merchandise from the movies such as Christmas ornaments, talking birthday cards and action figures add to this popular Mandela Effect because they too play the line that was never said in the film.

4. Hannibal Lecter never said, “Hello, Clarice,” in The Silence of the Lambs.

This is another line that people have quoted around the world even though it was never said. Hannibal Lecter actually says, “Good morning” when he first meets Clarice. This Mandela Effect has shocked many people as so many vividly remember the line, “Hello, Clarice,” despite it being absent from the film.

5. One of the most famous lines from I Love Lucy was never actually said.

Many believe Ricky said “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!” in the famous show, I Love Lucy. This line has been quoted by many television shows and movies as well as I Love Lucy fans. However, this line was never said. Don’t believe it? Search the internet for yourself and see if you can find it. Better yet, rewatch the episodes to find where this line was said. Good luck.

6. “The Berenstain Bears” seems to have changed its spelling.

Many people grew up reading the “Berenstain Bears” books or watching the cartoon. However, this is not how many of those people remember it being spelled. A great deal of people around the world believe it was actually spelled, “Berenstein.” Old book covers and VHS tapes with this spelling prove this to once be true, which begs the question of when and why the spelling changed.

7. Pikachu’s tail does not have a black tip.

PHOTO: http://Poké

While some hardcore Pokémon fans may not be phased by this Mandela Effect, many are surprised to learn that Pikachu’s tail does not have a black tip. The yellow tail does not look out of sorts by any means, but when compared to the tail with black, many believe the black tip looks more natural and is the tail that Pikachu has always had. Due to the large number of people remembering Pikachu’s tail this way, this has become one of the most popular and shocking Mandela Effects.

8. The Monopoly man, Rich Uncle Pennybags, does not wear a monocle.

PHOTO: Hasbro

Perhaps the association of monocles with wealth in old time movies and cartoons contributes to this false memory. Many people believe the face of the popular board game Monopoly wears a monocle, although he does not. Halloween costumes of this character have even been sold with the monocle which only adds to the confusion of this seemingly missing item.

9. Queen’s song “We are the Champions” doesn’t end how many remember.

Many people remember singing their hearts out to this song, especially after a big win at a sporting event. Many also remember the song ending, “We are the champions…of the world.” However, the song actually ends with, “We are the champions.” This has caused many to feel there are words missing from the song as they wait for the line that is never delivered. The song does say the famous lyric people remember, but not add the end, which only adds to the confusion.

10. The spelling of Chick-Fil-A is widely disputed.

The popularity of this fast-food restaurant plays into this well known Mandela Effect. Many lovers of this restaurant remember it being spelled “Chic-fil-A” or even “Chik-fil-A” although these are both incorrect. The restaurant has always been spelled, “Chick-fil-A.” While this is a minor change in spelling, it has confused many who remember the signs spelling the name differently.

Some believe the Mandela Effect is caused by a parallel universe that we are all living in. Others blame it on the butterfly effect, but either way, the worldwide false remembering can’t really be explained. One thing that is for sure however, is this unexplainable phenomenon really gets people thinking. It even creates some heated discussions as vivid memories that many have believed their entire life are questioned. These Mandela Effects are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more known examples of this mind-boggling theory, with more added to the list as they are discovered.

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