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There’s no bad day quite like a bad hair day. Not to worry ladies, Sarah Scoop has all of your hair needs covered. Here’s a list of the top hairstyles from the year to end 2014 with a bang (pun intended) and kick off 2015 in the best way possible.

High Pony – My favorite hair trend of 2014 was, without a doubt, the high pony. Whether you’re going to the gym or hitting a New Year’s Eve party, a high pony makes you look sophisticated, edgy, and super hot. (Not to mention, it’s literally just a pony tail on top of your head and you could throw it up in seconds). The best part? It gives you a natural face lift! Hold off on the Botox for now…


Middle Part – I will be the first to admit that I was never a fan of the middle part. This past year, as the hairstyle became a trend on and off of the red carpet, I gave it a whirl myself and absolutely loved how it looked. Curl those long locks and throw in a middle part for a sexy, voluminous look and highlight your face!


Top Knot –Two or so years ago, we saw the sock bun come into the scene and then….we saw it leave just as quickly. While I didn’t necessarily hate the sock bun, I felt it was almost too formal for most occasions. This year, we saw a new trend take over – the top knot. It may not work with a thick head of hair like mine, but it adds an effortlessly-fun accessory to the casual or dressy outfit.


Fish Tail Braid – While these may not be the easiest hairstyle to master, they are definitely the most unique and diverse. You can pull off a fish tail braid in a matter of minutes (with a little assistance from YouTube) and look extremely put together no matter what you’re wearing!


Low buns – At the 2008 VMA’s, Lauren Conrad owned the red carpet with a beautiful white dress and an even better hairstyle: the low bun. This year, we saw the hairstyle make a huge comeback. I may be a little biased because I have a huge girl crush on LC, but I have loved this hairstyle for years and I’m so happy to see it catching on. The low bun is another extremely easy hairstyle to achieve and depending on how messy or dressy you decide to make it, it works with most outfits!


Study up, ladies! Conquer the new year with a fierce attitude, rockin’ outfit, and most importantly, some luscious locks!

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