Master the Kitsch Decor Trend with These Smart Tips

One of the most popular interior design trends recently has been kitsch decor. It uses cute, funny and light-hearted motifs to create a fun look. But this trend is well-known for being hard to get right. If you don’t get the balance correct, you could end up with tacky and tasteless instead of colorful and kitsch. Get everything wrong, and the room will just look messy and disorganized with no apparent theme. But you can pull it off if you know how to do it. If you love the kitsch trend but you’re scared to try it, use some of the following tips to help you navigate this minefield of color and cuteness.


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Try It Somewhere Safe

It’s natural for anyone to be scared of trying a full-on kitsch look in their home. If it goes badly wrong and you don’t like it, you could have wasted a lot of money. The safest thing to do is try it out in a smaller room that you don’t spend long periods of time in every day. For example, you could start with your bathroom. Find a shower curtain with a tropical pattern and add some colorful accessories to see if you have an eye for the trend. If it doesn’t work, you won’t have spent too much on the small room. You can also try it out in kids’ bedrooms; they’ll love the bright colors, even if you don’t.

Choose a Focal Point

There’s an enormous risk that when you try out a kitsch interior concept, it could all look like a mess of different things. Although you want it to look eclectic and creative, you still need there to be some coherence. One of the best ways to bring it all together is to pick a single focal point to work around. You can use it as the basis to select your other colors and accessories. For example, your focal point might be a rustic wooden loveseat, and then you can place other cabin decor inspired items around the room to tie in with it. You can still create a mismatched look, but it helps if the eye is drawn to one thing in particular, so the room doesn’t look confused.

Leave Plain Surfaces

With so much going on, it’s essential to leave some breathing room. Try to have a more neutral background to set all your bright colors against. You don’t necessarily have to have your walls and floors in whites, beiges, and creams, but don’t go overboard with garish patterns and super bright shades.

Think About All Your Choices

When you look at a room all decked out in kitsch, it might look random but the truth is that it’s not. When you’re making decisions, you should still be thinking about how everything goes together. You might make a conscious choice to make two things clash with each other. But it’s still something that you’ve considered carefully. If you just do whatever you feel like without stopping to think about it, you could cross into tasteless and confused territory.

The kitsch trend may be tricky to master, but you can do it with a little thought. Try creating a mood board before you get started to help you work out what works and what doesn’t.

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