Matching But Not Cringey: Gift Ideas For Bridesmaids


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There is only a few occasion in life where matching is considered cute, and not cringe-worthy. Matching baby grows for newborn twin girls- check. Matching dresses for your bridesmaids- check. And gifts for these bridesmaids, to express your love, thanks, and appreciation- check!

Some people will question your decision to buy your bridesmaids gifts. “Shouldn’t they be buying a gift for you?!” they’ll say. Well, perhaps they will, and that would be lovely. But after all they’ve done for you over the last few months (or even years!)? Chance are they were there for your dress hunt and your fittings. They’ve also attended your wedding shower, and cake tastings, and venue visits with you too. Not even mentioning the emotional support they’ve provided you! Plus, they’ll be the ones to give you a strong drink the night before your wedding, and a big hug on the morning of. Once you remind people of this, they’ll probably understand a bit better!

So, what to get them? Individual gifts are one idea, but this is one occasion where you can give matching gifts without it being cringey. With that in mind, here are a few ideas. Each has an element of personalization as well as some real thoughtfulness behind it.

Initial Necklaces

This idea means that everyone gets a matching gift, but each one is personalized to the bridesmaid. Necklaces featuring their first initial will suit every girl, no matter what their personal taste or style is. You can pick between gold, silver or rose gold, or go for colored ones if you’re feeling bold. This is a gift that can be used on the wedding day; in fact, all of you can wear your necklaces for the ceremony together. However, it can also be used by them whenever they fancy afterwards. Or, alternatively, they can display it in a small glass photo frame, and keep it as a special keepsake.

If you don’t fancy giving necklaces, a delicate bracelet or mid-finger ring is a good alternative. In fact, if you’re doing a beach wedding, how about an anklet?


Afternoon Wedding Shoes

Now, afternoon wedding shoes are significantly different to morning wedding shoes! Let me explain. Morning wedding shoes are stunningly beautiful but usually painfully high! They are all about the look! It’s understandable; everyone wants to look great on the first photos of the day.

Afternoon wedding shoes, however, are a completely different story. While they still look great, they are way more comfortable. Give your bridesmaids the gift of comfort! Be thinking something along the line of Vans Shoes. While still fashionable and attractive, they are way more comfortable that those morning 6-inch stilettos!

Monogrammed Notebook

After the day or days off they’ve booked for your wedding, your lovely bridesmaids will have to go back to work. Allow them to take a little bit of the magic of your wedding and time together with them. Monogrammed notebooks are a great idea because they come in so many variations. Go with the same brand for everyone, but give each their gift in their favorite color or colors.

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