Meal Prep 101 with Parker Wallace


You know the saying- “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. This is especially true when it comes to meal prep. Moms are pretty busy in their day-to-day lives. Between chauffeuring the kids to and from soccer practice, nights at the school auditorium for music recitals and keeping yourself on your own professional schedule, it can be hard (or absolutely impossible!) to cook all of your meals at home each day. This is where meal prep can quickly become your best friend.

While the monotony of eating the same thing and sticking to a meal plan can become boring, you increase your chances of eating junk or convenience foods without it. Check out this video below for tips from book and food blogger Parker Wallace.

Now, you can take Parker’s tips to turn meal prep into a quick and easy routine. Now, meal prepping is anything BUT boring!

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