Meet the Team: Evette Dionne

Evette Dionne is a senior at Bennett College pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies. Upon graduation, Dionne will be pursuing a graduate degree in media management or publishing focusing in magazine publishing and entrepreneurship at a top ten graduate program. Ultimately, she aspires to be the CEO of a publishing conglomerate which focuses on magazines targeted towards African-American women in several areas including health, politics, fashion, and relationships but Dionne also aims to be the quintessential media mogul. She is interested in fashion consulting as well as magazine editing, freelance writing, syndicated column work, on-air radio broadcasting, and television hosting. Dionne aspires to use her position in media to empower all women to defy stereotypes and encourage them to attain their dreams. When she is not engulfed in her craft, Evette loves reading her favorite websites and fashion blogs which include YourTango, The Root, Uptown Magazine, Vibe Vixen, Ebony, and Coco & Creme; devouring her favorite magazines (ELLE, W, O – the Oprah Magazine, Ebony, and Vogue) from cover to cover; spending time with friends and families; and visiting local art galleries, aquariums, poetry slams, and amusement/water parks.

Dionne considers herself to be a working journalist in college. She has held internships with Liberette Magazine,, the Atlanta Post (which is now Madame Noire), the Greensboro Voice and House of Mikko, where she has been responsible for everything from pitching and writing stories to researching and writing grants and developing a blog’s voice, content, and audience base. In the summer of 2012, Dionne will be interning with the Star Tribune, the 14th largest newspaper in the U.S., as a copy editor.

Miss Dionne also works for several publications reaching different target audiences. She is a fashion writer and managing editor for HBCU Buzz Inc. and the finance editor for HBCU Magazine, a featured contributor for, a contributor to Full Figured News, a columnist for Urban Cusp, and the features director for JAYE, a digital magazine focused on college women.

Fashion quickly follows writing as another of Evette’s passions.  She believes in bringing a distinctive flair to everything that she does, including what she wears and how she presents that clothing to the world.  She considers fashion to be an art form because it takes a masterful mind to put together clothing that represents your personality. Fashion is global; it connects women from all different walks of life together.  Evette would label her clothing as modern with slight edge and lots of sophistication.  She loves large pieces of jewelry, flamboyant bags, and chic shoes, but believes the greatest accessory is confidence.

Evette aspires to be the editor-in-chief of W, a fashion editor for ELLE, a web editor for Glamour, and a features editor for Ebony before shifting to entrepreneurial ownership. She also wants to syndicate a column through the Grio, the Huffington Post, and the Los Angeles Times in the future. Writing is her passion and she believes in the power of words. Her favorite quote is “History belongs to she who holds the pen” and she is holding that pen and rewriting history, one word at a time.”

You can follow her on Twitter @EvetteDionne.

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Evette Dionne is a senior at Bennett College pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies.
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