Men In Black: International – Movie Review for Millenials

by Sarah Scoop

Twenty-two years after the first release of Men In Black, comes number 4, Men In Black: International. This movie features some fresh faces for a whole new journey with fighting the bad guys. The Men in Black have always protected the earth from the scum of the universe. But this time around, they are facing their biggest threat yet, a mole in the organization.

About MIB

After the release of Men in Black 3, there was a lot of anticipation if there was going to be another. And, how this one would be done. With thousands of different outcomes that could have been formed, Hollywood wasn’t going to let this well-known franchise slip away. As the title leads, the movie has been taking off the street of New York to a much broader level: internationally.

The Details

Molly, or Agent M (Tessa Thompson) as she goes by later, has wanted to be a Men in Black her whole life. She helped a young alien escape from her house as a young girl. This inspired her to seek out the ones who protect Earth.

After tracking aliens from her work computer, she finds the headquarters and makes her way in. She pushes her limits as a new agent and finds the hunky Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) to learn more about him and see if she can get an in on a more risky assignment.

If you still aren’t convinced to see Men In Black: International do it for Pawny (pictured below). Pawny is a small, sassy, and cute Pawn alien who lost his queen. He bonds with Agent M and becomes her new companion. He isn’t just here for comic relief, he helps the duo fight the shape-shifting, pure energy alien (Les Twins).

Thoughts on MIB

From someone who hasn’t kept up on the Men In Black franchise, I enjoyed this movie. There’s no backstory that you need to know from the previous films, which makes this new flick one to watch.

Will Millennials Enjoy MIB?

Definitely. Before she becomes an agent, Molly is working at a job she hates and has no idea what she’s doing with her life, which is something we can all feel. Both Agents M and H are millennials, so almost everything they do is relatable. They bounce between fighting, flirting, and joking- which is really fun to watch. Men In Black: International mimics classic action and alien movies but with more personality.

This movie has it all: action, humor, and a little romance. You’ll have to see it for yourself to make the final decision. Men In Black: International, is hitting the big screen on June 14th.

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