Modern Luxuries With A Modern Design

by Sarah Scoop
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Combining modern luxuries with a sustainable home design can be seen as a difficult task but it is definitely achievable. It can be easier than you think to add luxurious interiors that are comfortable and don’t negatively impact the environment. Instead of becoming a difficult mission, finding plant-friendly design solutions should be embraced and utilised in your home. 

From transterior spaces through to sustainable flooring, there are few tips below for creating a luxurious space in your home without sacrificing your want to be eco-friendly. Whatever your style or size, you will find some inspiration for creating your home into a comfortable, stylish and luxurious place while still looking after the planet. 

Think About Transterior Spaces 

Open-plan spaces have become more and more popular recently, with it reaching the top of many peoples to-do lists as an addition to their home. Transterior spaces blur the lines between exterior and interior and take open-plan living to the next, luxurious level. It can easily transform any room into a creative and vibrant area that is well suited to anyone, including families. It’s also a great way to create a stylish and environmentally friendly area of your home. Think about adding in skylights and french doors to really open up your space, by adding in plenty of natural light. This will also minimise your need for artificial lighting which saves money and reduces air pollution. 

Fit Flooring That Is Going To Last

Without doubt one of the main factors when looking at how eco-friendly your home is, is by looking at its structural capacity for longevity. After all, the longer the elements of your home last, the less extracting, transportation, sourcing etc needs to be done which results in less harmful byproducts being created. Also, you have to think about the fact you’re going to be spending less in the long run. When you want to ensure that you’re foundations in your home are planet-friendly, a great place to start is your flooring. Thanks to modern design you can now go ultimately sustainable with the use of polished concrete floors in place of wooden floorboards. Concrete is extremely durable, has heating and colling properties so are energy efficient and it’s recyclable meaning you get a great looking interior with the added benefit of saving time and money. 

Install A Beautiful Bathroom 

Often seen as the hub of any contemporary home is the bathroom, therefore, it’s worth concentrating some of your design effort on this room. Looking at any of the practical and communal areas in your home enables all of your family to experience and enjoy the benefits of having environmentally friendly interiors. When you start to focus your efforts on transforming your bathroom into a luxurious, planet-friendly space then you should be looking at minimalism. Looking at places like Victorian Bathrooms 4U for inspiration with things like luxurious fixtures and fittings, porcelain sinks and marble surfaces.  

These three areas should help you to create both a sustainable and luxurious home environment, have you completed any work on your home to make it more sustainable? Please share them in the comments below. 

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