The Best Mood Boosting Foods

Believe or not, there are foods out there that will help you improve your memory, boost your energy and reduce anxiety. If you’re not feeling like yourself, you might want to try some of these mood boosting foods:

Eggs – Eggs are high in protein and can help you feel full longer. They also increase alertness and productivity which is good for those days when you’re feeling sluggish.

Bananas – This fruits contains magnesium which can aid in reducing anxiety. Bananas can also improve sleep.

Salmon – Rich in Omega-3 and healthy fats, salmon can help boost your mood and memory.

Dark Chocolate – This coveted treat contains antioxidants which helps keep blood vessels healthy. Chocolate can also give your brain power a boost by releasing sugar and endorphins.

Whole Wheat – Whole wheat contains the mineral selenium which helps the thyroid gland function normally. When your thyroid functions properly, it helps regulate your mood as well.

Take advantage of these foods to help you get through those stressful or sluggish feelings and hopefully, you’ll make it through the week!

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