4 Mistakes You Are Making While Spending Money Moving

I recently posted about Everything You Need to Know for Relocation (have a read, hint hint, nudge!). I covered everything you’ll need to think about when you are buying a new property. From adding value to your home to checking out the area and getting a survey done. But what happens when you’ve found your dream home, and you’re ready to move in?


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Here some mistakes to avoid when saving money if you’re moving:

Renting more removal men that you NEED.

Moving day can be tough. But instead of hiring half a football team, try just hiring one van and making a few extra trips. Get your friends and family to pitch in and lend a helping hand. You can thank them with a takeaway and a couple of drinks after all, the heavy lifting is done. If you’re moving into a property that needs a little bit of work, then you could have a paint brush party before moving. This can be great fun and is an excellent way to share moving day with the people closest to you.

Ignoring your providers.  

When we move into a house (new or old) we tend to continue using whatever is put into the home. What do I mean by this? The heating your home has might not be suitable for your needs. For example, if you have stove heating in your home, the temperature in the room might be uneven. However, a stirling engine stove fan gently and quietly moves the warm air from the stove and throughout the room.

Spending too much money on things you don’t need.

After you’ve bought a new house, it can be tempted to buy lots of new furnitures to decorate. It’s expensive buying a property and moving house. You might be feeling a bit strap for cash for the next few months, but that’s okay. Putting things that you don’t need on a credit card is a dangerous idea. Credit cards accumulate interest rapidly. You’ll end up spending, even more, money on things that aren’t important. Enjoy the fact you’ve got a new property; you’ve bought enough recently!

Rushing into decorating the whole house straight away.

If you’re moving into a bigger house, or even a smaller house. Sometimes buying new furniture is essential for your home. Don’t worry, though; you don’t have to decorate the house straight away. Work on one room at a time. Perhaps start with the bedroom and then the living room. Guest bedrooms probably won’t get seen for a little while anyway. It’ll be more satisfying if you complete one room at a time, instead of slowly doing bits and bobs all over the place. In addition to this, it’ll spread the cost, so you won’t have to use pesky credit-card, cha-ching!

Moving house can be stressful, as well as costly. Don’t add any more stress to moving, by adding money problems to your situation.

What are your top tips for saving money when moving?

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