MTV’s “Teen Wolf” Renewed for a Third Season

“Teen Wolf” fans across the word definitely had something to howl at this weekend. On July 12 at the San Diego Comic Con, the cast of MTV’s hit show “Teen Wolf” announced that the show had been picked up for a third season. But, the good news didn’t end there!

Not only will the show have a third season, but they will also be shooting 24 episodes instead of 12 like they have been. This is the largest episode order that MTV has ever made for a scripted show. That basically means that the fans are getting double the “Teen Wolf” in one season! Two seasons in one? What more could the fans want?!

That’s not all, though! The cast also announced that they will be filming season three in LA. Now, this may not seem all that important for the fans, but it definitely is for the cast. For the first two seasons the show was filmed in Atlanta, GA. This meant that the actors had to move out there while they filmed. Now that they’re moving the set to LA most of them don’t have to move at all!

This is not only huge news for “Teen Wolf,” but also for MTV itself. This is the first time a primetime scripted MTV show has made it to a third season. It’s an extremely big deal for both the network and the show.

With the second season currently airing on MTV on Monday nights at 10 p.m., it’s no surprise that the show was renewed for a third season. The mixture of drama, suspense, comedy and romance has us on our feet (or should we say claws) every single week!

Congrats to both MTV and the “Teen Wolf” cast and crew!


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