4 Tips to Get Music Festival Make Up


During the summer we all want our perfect glow and tan skin radiating as we walk in the room. However pesky things likeoil, sweat and acne free seem to love our skin in the summer. We spend our days in the heat and constantly on the go. So lets be realistic, when going to our favorite music festivals we won’t have the perfect rosey cheeks and smokey eye because of the hot sun, but we can look sensational with a more natural look. Summer’s biggest shows like Summerfest in Wisconsin and Austin City Limits in Texas will draw in thousands, meaning,handfuls of hot guys you are wanting to impress. Don’t worry we’ve got your back! Read our make up secrets to keep your face looking great during a hot and sweaty yet booming music festival.

Tip #1: Don’t get stuck to your every day routine. In the months of Winter and early spring, we’ve gotten used to applying moisturizer daily because of our seriously dry skin. In the summer though, this may not be necessary. Instead of applying moisturizer to your whole face, only apply moisturizer to the parts of your face that need it. For the parts of your face that you didn’t apply liquid moisturizer, add waterproof sunblock mixed with liquid foundation. This dynamic duo won’t fade through the heat and hustle of the music festival.

Tip #2: When selecting blush, choose a lighter shade- more neutral tone with a shimmer. This tone will make your cheeks stand out without looking bright pink.

Tip #3: We all want our eye makeup to last so be selective about what you apply. Use less mascara than usually and do not apply any on your bottom lashes. The eye makeup on your bottom lashes will just drip and smudge from the heat. Also, refrain from curling your lashes if they’re already long. The grease from your eyelid will smudge your look leaving your lashes sticking outward. To ensure fresh looking eyes use a long-wearing eyeliner pencil that will keep definition throughout the entire festival.

Tip #4: Skip the lipstick and stick to the shimmery lip gloss. Lip gloss by definition isn’t long lasting but it definitely adds the right amount of pop to your look. This will leave your lips looking shiny without the super bright lipstick.

Enjoy your summer concerts and get music festival make up! With these tips you will be sure to have great make-up while doing so.

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