Must Have Electronics for College (KC LIVE TV Segment)

We are coming to that point in summer where we start thinking about back-to-school shopping.  Especially in college, your shopping list becomes longer.  Did you catch our list of must have dorm room items?  It is a must read for those headed back to school.  I also was able to appear on Kansas City Live and share the scoop  on which electronics will help you have a smooth transition into the school year and keep things under control all semester long.


For those going off to college, sorry to break it to you, but the mattresses you receive in the dorms are not fresh out of the box. Who knows how old it is? To ensure you have a comfortable and sanitary bed to sleep on every night after a long day of studying, here’s the RAYCOP LITE.  With its compact size and ease of use, anyone can easily pick up the LITE and start using it effectively. The LITE allows you to fully benefit from RayClean Technology® to remove allergens, bacteria and viruses from the fabrics throughout your home.

Bamboo Slate

This is THE product for college students. Bamboo Slate is a small, electronic notepad that transfers your handwritten notes and drawings and saves them to your smart phone digitally.  This would be so handy in that sometimes you can’t carry your textbooks and notes with you all the time, but would still like to study here and there throughout the day.  This is also great for sharing notes and compiling study guides with other students!

George Foreman 2-Serving Classic Plate Grill

It’s late at night, the cafeteria is closed and you’re craving some warm food.  Make burgers, quesadillas, grilled cheese and paninis in your dorm room! This George Foreman takes up just 36 square inches of cooking space and it’s non-stick coating removes need for excess butter and oil. Plus, its super easy to clean.

BLACK+DECKER Handheld Steamer

College is a great place to put your best self out there, but who wants to spend all of that time ironing? With the Black and Decker hand held steamers you can steam clothes in a flash between classes! For those last minute thinkers you can heat this up in just 45 seconds and its high steam rates quickly smooth deep wrinkles.

Paul Mitchell Good Vibrations Limited Edition Express Ion Smooth+ Set  

I featured the emoji flat iron in my segment which will be available this September.  Until then, bring the party this back-to-school season with the #1 Paul Mitchell Pro Tools bestseller: the Express Ion Smooth+, which has a soft touch finish and heats up to 410°F in 60 seconds. Smooth and polish your strands quickly and gently, so you’ll never miss your first class and can confidently start every day with healthy-looking hair that has incredible shine.

Hisense TV

This Hisense TV is perfect for the dorm room life.  It is affordable luxury at its best.  This all in one device has everything the college student needs, game mode, music mode, surround sound. With this Smart TV you’ll have access to everything within 2.2 seconds. Also, because it is a smart TV you won’t have to mess with all of the unwanted cords.

These products are perfect for any dorm room and beyond!

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