Must Have Accesories For A Casual Spring Look

Spring has sprung. It’s so nice to dress for warmer days now that the sun is coming out. Spring style is so easy. From skinny jeans and oversized shirts to floral dresses and flowing maxi skirts. Spring fashion is possibly the easiest season to style. It provides the perfect backdrop for key accessories to make a casual outfit stand out.


Stylish sunglasses to begin the spring look.

Now that the sun is shining there is no excuse but to get some shades on. Sunglasses can be a real good choice to accessorize your spring outfit. There are few trends for this spring and summer, but I don’t think you can go wrong with an oversized pair. There is something that just speaks glamour about it.

Jewelry to make an outfit sparkle

There are some ways you could accessorize your spring and summer outfit with jewelry. Firstly, you could think about what your wear on your wrists. A good watch is always going to be a statement and talking point. You could also think about stacking your bracelets up with your watch to create a different look. Earrings and rings are always great accessories to add to a casual outfit.

Another way is through necklaces. These can make any plain top sparkle when choosing the right ones. You could incorporate lockets into your daily look to make it appear more natural. Wearing a few different types of necklaces can dress things up with minimal effort.

It’s all in the hat

Now that spring has sprung you have the perfect excuse to wear a summer hat. It could be a summery straw hat or something else. But it’s definitely time to put the bobble hat away that’s for sure.

Pretty pinks makeup look

A lighter makeup look is key for spring and summer. It’s great to wear a more polished look during the winter but the warmer days allow you to experiment more. Using a BB Cream as a base instead of a foundation is one way to start. Then it’s as simple as pink blush, light eye shadow and a lovely pink lipstick.

It’s finally sandal weather

With the weather getting warmer it’s now time to get those sandals out and blow off the dust. A nice flat sandal can be a great accessory for a casual spring look. Just as much a lovely wedge heel can be for a dressier occasion. You can go as simple as you would like with a sandal, just the fact you are wearing sandals will make your look scream spring fashion.

An oversized bag

Finally, an oversized bag is the final must have accessory for a casual spring look. Going for a nice nude colour is one of the season’s biggest trends. An oversized bag can make your outfit shine. They also fit a heck of a lot in them, which makes them the perfect option for the “on the go” woman.

I hope these must have accessories inspire you to add something a little more to your casual spring look.

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