6 Must Have Items For Your Summer Vacation

by Sarah Scoop
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Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and when I am getting ready to take a big trip, I always stop by Macy’s to pick up all the essentials. Check out these must have vacation items that you can save big on during the Black Friday in July sale.

NEW WAYFARER KIDS Junior Sunglasses & Polarized New Wayfarer Gradient Sunglasses

Summer sun can be hot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look cool. From kids to parents you can pick up these sunglasses to keep your style cool and your eyes safe no matter where your summer adventures may lead you. Get the junior Ray Bans here. Get the adult Ray Bans here.



Portfolio Men’s Leather Passport Case & Collection RFID Passport Cover, Created for Macy’s

If you’re traveling outside the country, you’re going to need a passport and keeping a cover on that important document a smart idea. Pickup one of these to keep your passport protected. Get the leather (right) one here. Get the RFID (left) one here.




I.N.C. Men’s Short Sleeve Stretch Shirt, Created for Macy’s

If you’re going somewhere warm, be sure to pick up some of these shirts. These shirts will not only keep you cool but they also come in very neutral colors that will go with anything you pack so you can mix and match. Get it here.




I.N.C. Embroidered Love Fanny Pack, Created for Macy’s & I.N.C. Tassel Fanny Pack, Created for Macy’s

Carrying a bag around when you travel is not only annoying, but it is also a lot to keep track of. You can’t just leave all your stuff at home though, so consider picking up one of these fanny packs. It has enough storage that you can keep all your travel essentials without getting in the way of all the activities you do. With your belongings attached to you you can also prevent losing your valuables from theft or just forgetting items. Get the embroidered one here. Get the tassel one here.




I.N.C. Printed Ruffle-Trim Surplice Maxi Dress, Created for Macy’s

You want to be comfy but also cute when you’re traveling, and that’s exactly what this dress is. It is stylish for pictures , but is also flowy enough that it is comfortable no matter what is on the itinerary. Get it here.




Men’s RFID Phone Pouch with Power Bank

Keep your devices charged and easily packed with the power bank that you can take with you on the go. Stay connected and enjoy your vacation! Get it here.




No matter where your travels may take you, you can always count on Macy’s to have you covered for all the essentials.


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