My 8 Red Carpet Ready Secrets

by Sarah Ruhlman
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I have been very fortunate to attend many red carpet events and find myself loving each one more than the last.  However, attending red carpet events can be stressful if you are not prepared.  All formal occasion can be a daunting experience. Graduations, weddings, proms, red carpets all require you to dress, look and feel a certain way. It can be a painstaking task. These stylish events do not have be an arduous task. I’ve narrowed down my best red carpet ready secrets.

12799169_10101009317142721_8108312112741768688_n12799382_10101009317152701_114835400066867771_n1. Rest Up

The anticipation of attending a red carpet event is exciting, thrilling, literally one of those too excited to sleep feelings.  However, make sure you get your sleep!! You want to be well rested, not only so you feel your best but also so you look great too! One way that I ensue that I look and feel my best everyday is to prioritize sleep- it helps me bring my A-game. So when I get excited about a big event and have a hard time falling asleep, I take ZzzQuil.  ZzzQuil is a non-habit forming sleep-aid for the relief of occasional sleeplessness that helps you fall asleep easily, sleep soundly, and wake refreshed.  Check out this bonus offer if you want to give it a try.

2. Refresh and Clean Your Skin

Keeping a clean glow is something you should strive for everyday.  When your red carpet event comes around you’ll already be able to put your best face forward.  Recently, I discovered a life changing facial cleansing product.  Clarisonic is a facial cleansing device that targets women living a healthy lifestyle.  A “less is more” natural look is a trend as well; this insight sparks the need for a device focusing on “skin fitness,” to achieve healthy-looking skin while wearing little to no makeup.

I have been using mine for the last week and my skin already feels so much cleaner.  It cleanses skin 6x better than hands alone and after you use it you will really be able to feel the difference.  The device gently removes everyday impurities, sunscreen and makeup for radiant, healthy looking skin.  One of my favorite things about it is that it is waterproof for use in shower, too! It works using two speed settings to fix your lifestyle needs.  You can use it daily with the 60 second Delicate Cleanse to remove everyday impurities or for those red carpet nights use the 80 second Power Cleanse for long-wear makeup removal.

3. The “Less is More” Rule still applies

When it comes to dressing for the red carpet event, dress to impress.  Okay, so some of us like to flash the flesh from time to time. But, at a red carpet event, you need to make sure that you are dressing classy. A formal, chiffon style maxi dress is perfect for this sort of occasion. You don’t have to cover everything, just make sure you letting your proud smile be the center of attention. Follow the golden fashion rule. If you show a little chest, cover up your legs. Likewise, more legs equal less chest action. If you want to opt for a cocktail dress, make sure that you invest in a soft, patina style throw for your shoulders. It’s elegant and sophisticated.

4. If In Doubt, Accessorize

Red carpets are far from  boring.  There are some stunning accessories that you can use if you don’t want to go for an all-out glamorous dress. A simple chiffon style dress can be made to look super fantastic with a large, statement necklace. A bold clutch can ensure that you look fabulous. Opting for a simple dress with bright accessories is one of the best ways that you can remain on trend. What’s more, you can still look formal enough for any occasion.

5.  You Don’t Have to Wear a Dress

Red carpets for women is usually geared around the dress market. But, the androgynous look is huge right now. A sharp, two piece suits and a beautiful camisole top can look fantastic. What’s more, you will know that you look formal enough for the event. Angelina Jolie is a big fan of the black suit. She still manages to look feminine and fabulous. If it’s good enough for Angelina, it’s good enough for us.


6. Prepare Your Feet 

No doubt there will be lots of standing up and full length photos. While you may want to wear killer shoes, remember to take care of your feet.  My secret is a product called Baby Foot. Baby Foot is designed to remove the unsightly, dead skin cells on your feet that build up over time and that can contribute to numerous problems associated with the soles of your feet. Dead skin cells accumulate due to pressure and friction from ordinary activities such as standing, exercising, and wearing shoes. In many cases, feet become cracked and painful from the accumulation of dead skin.

You will remember to make sure you’re make up looks great, you have the perfect dress, your hair is fabulous, but do not forget about your feet!!!! In the past, frequent use of foot files and razors were used to “remove” the dead skin on your feet. However, this was a temporary fix because as we know from recent research, filing generates more friction to the soles of your feet, which in turn creates more dead skin. No more filing with the use of the Baby Foot product. Find out more about Baby Foot here.

7. Add the Smell Good Stuff

You know what they say when you smell good, you feel good! Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how it goes, but on the red carpet you want to put your best of everything out there.  I highly recommend giving yourself a smell good squirt or two after you look is complete.  My personal favorite? Capri Vince Camuto! It is a floral-fruity scent that stays smelling amazing all through the night.

Capri Vince Camuto is the natural extension of our sister fragrance collections, Fiore, Amore and Bella” said Louise Camuto, Creative Director of Vince Camuto. “Each has a distinct appeal and offers women the ultimate accessory to express their individuality with a touch of glamour, sensuality and charm.

8. Be Confident!

My final piece of advice is to be confident.   A red carpet experience can be overwhelming, especially if it is one of your first.  Whatever you do, don’t let insecurities get in your way of an incredible night.  Pull out the camera, strike a handful of poses, and smile the night away.  If you are lucky enough to be strutting your stuff on a red carpet, live it up!

I hope these tips help you on your next red carpet experience and more than anything remember to have fun!

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