My Closet Makeover with Modular Closets

Disclosure: I worked with Modular Closets on a closet makeover. While they did supply product all opinions are my own.

A few years ago I purchased my condo and I am always looking for ways to let out my inner HGTV designer.  I have a lot of stuff and a small space.  I was so excited to team up with Modular Closets to design a functional closet that would allow for maximum storage.  Not only are these closest affordable, but they are designed with YOU in mind!

We have one goal: Closets For All. Because why shouldn’t good quality, functional closets be accessible to everyone? In order to achieve our goal, we worked to simplify & standardize the “custom closet” concept. In 2015, we began production of the core products that make the Modular Closet possible: our closet modules. Using our closet modules (the closet pieces one can mix & match to design their modular closet), homeowners everywhere are empowered to achieve the true custom closet look- for nearly 40% less than standard custom closets. 

The design process was very easy.  I measured my closet and sent over the demotions and the team put together a look that would work for me. Below is the design they sent over. My  before was just a solid rod across the top.

After everything was confirmed they mailed me everything I needed to assembly the pieces. However, I will note once you have everything built you will need to buy screws to actually install the pieces into your walls.

The building process was a great DIY project. All of the instructions and materials were in the packages with the pieces.  I would suggest having someone help you as it is much easier with a second pair of hands.  My mom came over and helped me put it together.

I then used a drill to install it into my wall.  As long as you have studs in your wall it works great. I was very impressed with how sturdy everything was.  Obviously, I am not a professional when it comes to building closets, so I love the fact that I was able to put it together. With the installation of my modular closet, it went from boring and simple to chic and useful.

I am utilizing my space in such a better way now.  Not only do I enjoy the additional storage, but my favorite thing about Modular Closets is the quality of the material.  All of their closets are made of top grade ¾” solid plywood. Drawer units come with plywood drawers and ball bearing, full extension slides. Together with the quality hardware they provide, the Modular Closet is one of the most sturdy closets in the industry. 

I have a lot of shoes, clothes, etc.  I have been able to fill the closet and have not had any problems.  It is so great having an organized space and modern, useful update to my simple closet.

If you are thinking about trying out Modular Closets for yourself I highly recommend it.  You will see such an improvement in the style of your area and you will get something customized specifically for you.  If you are considering updating your storage areas.  Modular Closet stands behind its product and offers a limited life time warranty. 

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Disclosure: I worked with Modular Closets on a closet makeover. While they did supply product all opinions are my own.

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