New MTV Show ‘Underemployed’


We’re always excited when MTV premieres a new series, so were ecstatic when we found out about their new scripted show “Underemployed.” On Oct 16 we tuned in to the premiere and we’re already in love with it!

This show follows five friends (Miles, Daphne, Sophia, Raviva and Lou) who are recent college graduates. The story starts off with them at the end of their senior year. They all have big aspirations and high hopes for the future, as most college grads do. They think they will be able to change the world and that’s exactly what they want to do. When the story progresses a year, though, we learn that things don’t turn out as great as the group had hoped they would.

All five friends are working at pretty sucky jobs and definitely aren’t doing what they planned. This is a nice contrast from the shows that feature people in their twenties having it all. Just like with the MTV show “I Just Want My Pants Back,” this show feels real. The characters are going through issues that many of us can relate to.

The five main characters are going through real life struggles. They are dealing with issues in romance, money, work, friendships and life in general. As Lou says to Miles: “life is real.”

This show isn’t only about their struggles, though. It actually has a lot of insightful quotes that can teach a real lesson to viewers who are dealing with these problems too or who are nervous about graduating college. Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the pilot episode:

“We have a chance to leave here today and change the world.”

“You have to make your own life and you have to make it your way.”

“If life is just about working and making money, we’re all screwed. But if life is about living, none of my friends are underemployed.” 

This show has the perfect combination of comedy and drama and we can’t wait to see what happens in future episodes. You can catch the hour-long show Tuesday nights at 10/9c and watch the pilot here. Will you be watching this new series? Did you watch the pilot? Let us know what you think!


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