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Taylor Swift has finally begun releasing new singles off of her upcoming album “Red” and it’s safe to say that we’re already obsessed. The full album isn’t set to release until Oct 22, but we’ve already gotten the chance to listen to five of the new songs and  they’re absolutely amazing. They’re only getting us more excited for the album!

The first single Swift released off of her new album is “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” This upbeat, catchy tune is one that’ll have you singing at the top of your lungs alone in your room or in the car with friends. We absolutely love the fact that it’s already being played on radio stations! Even if you don’t necessarily like the song, it’s hard to not sing along to it. Once it’s stuck in your head it’ll stay there for hours, trust us.

The next single she released was “Begin Again.” This song is much different than “We Are Never Ever Getting Better.” For starters, it’s much slower. It also shows off Taylor Swift’s voice in a different way. It’s softer and much more beautiful. The song can easily make you smile or cry. It sounds a lot like Taylor Swift’s older stuff, which is one of the many reasons why we love it.

Red” was the next single that Swift released. This is the song that the album was named after. Like the other two, this song is also incredible. This song is all about remembering what it feels like to love someone. Swift tends to get ridiculed for singing so much about love and heartbreak, but it’s undeniable that she does a fantastic job at it! How many times have you said “Taylor Swift sings about my life?” Don’t lie!

The next song released was “I Knew You Were Trouble.” This single actually brought up a bit of discussion. A lot of people think that this song is a bit more pop than her usual stuff, which some people think is good and others think is bad, but either way we are absolutely in love with it. Out of all of the songs released so far, this one is most different and unique. Once it starts playing it’s really hard to not listen to another ten times and belt it out. It’s so good!

The most recent single released is “State of Grace.” This song is also a bit different than what most fans are used to hearing from Swift, but we love that! Her music is definitely growing and changing and we don’t think that that is a bad thing. We love hearing the new sounds and seeing what she can do.

Can you tell we’re obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new music? We can’t wait to hear all of her new songs, especially her duet with Ed Sheeran! If these five single are any indication of what the entire album is going to be like, we’re beyond excited. Oct 22 definitely can’t come soon enough! Will you be buying her new album? Out of these four songs, which do you like the best? Let us know!



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