New Year, New You with Raina Seitel

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Check out this video for easy steps to “Becoming the “You” You’ve Always Dreamed!”

In the new year, we all make grandiose plans to lose weight, be healthy and be just better all-around, but these super ambitious promises we make are too nonspecific and often set us up for failure. In fact, studies show 25% of people’s resolutions last only a mere week into January! The beauty of a fresh start is that we can achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle with just small changes in our daily routine, without the pressure of a formal “resolution.”

With small, barely noticeable steps you can make your grand dreams of happiness into more of a reality. Lifestyle Expert Raina Seitel is here is with small changes for happiness and health to better care for ourselves in 2016!

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