Nicki Minaj is Now A…. Smurfette?

I know, I know, I know what you’re all thinking and the answer is yes, that’s right; she beat Gaga to it! But how? Why? Well… to be perfectly honest, I just don’t know.

Nicki’s smurf photo wasn’t on the cover of Vogue but the controversial pop rap diva did leave her colorful mark on the pages of the mag’s March 2012 issue.

The real reason for Minaj’s colorful insert is not yet known (I’m hopeful she’ll turn blue permanently and perhaps connect with The Blue Man Group? A girl can dream.) but I’ve got the feeling that the photographer for the shoot, Mr. Steven Klein, was simply playing on Minaj’s adoration for vibrant, neon colors and her cartoon-like stage demeanor.

In the article, Nicki candidly shares that at one point, she dreamed of being a lawyer. Before she started to walk the red carpets dripping in Armani, Fendi, YSL, Dior, Versace and the like, Minaj once strolled the streets of Queens in “Tommy Hilfiger baggy shirts and Boss jeans.” Pick up the magazine now for more details on Minaj’s crazy, colorful cartoon-character inspired world!

And even though she’s come a long way in the fashion realm, on the pages of Vogue Minaj looks like a certified Smurfette.

I just wonder what Papa Smurf is gonna think about this one…



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