Not So Perfect Spring Hairstyle Trends

Bigger Blowouts

With a new season often comes new hairstyles. According to Harper’s Bazaar, this spring is all about natural beauty. Hairstyles shouldn’t be too perfect, and I think a lot of girls will be happy to hear that. After years of stick straight hair being the style, a more relaxed style might be just what every girl needs. The top looks for spring 2012 are glistening hair, ponytails, urban waves, embellished updos, bigger blowouts and sophisticated braids and twists.

Glistening Hair

Glistening hair gives the look that the hair is still wet. Usually just the front and top of the hair appears wet and glistening.


Ponytails are easy enough for any girl to pull off. They are cute either high or low.

Urban Wave

Urban waves look very natural and easy to wear. It is kind of like the messy bead-head style.

Embellished Updo

Embellished updos are just that: updos with extra pizazz. Just add some pearl pins, feathers or fun hair pieces and you have a style all your own.

Bigger Blowouts

Bigger blowouts really show off your hair’s beauty. They make your hair appear more volumized and luscious.

Braids and Twists

Sophisticated braids and twists look cute on any girl. They give off a feminine vibe and can help change up your style, especially if you always wear your hair down.

What style will you be rocking the spring?

-Kelsey Reinhart


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