Oh, whoa Poreless me!!

I hate when my pores are the size of the o-zone layer (global warming is happening right now, on my face)! there are countless products on the market that claim to make pores “disappear” , but its hard to find one that truly works for our so beautifully unique skin types. It’s even worst when you have oily skin. Now I’m usually a department beauty store diva, but one day when I didn’t have department store money and needed some pore magic (Damn those Christian Lacroix pumps) I went to the drug store in search of a quick fix until payday. Let me just say I found the Ambrosia of pore perfecting. Clean and Clear finishes pore perfecting moisturizer put the invisible cloak on my face ( I know you guys have seen it in Harry Potter lol). My face looked like I had just had a fresh chemical peel (which I get monthly) and at least for the day my face was Victoria Secret runway worthy. I have now been converted into a believer of chic cheap beauty. ALL HAIL THE DRUG STORE GODS!


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I am a fashion stylist/designer from San Francisco. I am currently getting a BA in Design. I have been in LOVE with fashion since I was nine and writing just as long. I want to spread the coolest trends and help people find their inner fashion guru.
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