Old Fashioned Ways Are The Best When it Comes to Beauty on a Budget

We all want to look good, but sometimes it can come at a cost. Skin care products and makeup can cost a fortune. If you’re a beauty addict, the money you spend can quickly add up. Trying all the newest lotions and potions to hit the shelves can make a serious dent in your budget. If you love trying out all the new makeup trends? Then yep, that doesn’t come cheap either.

So is there a way you can save money and still stay bang on trend? It’s time to thank your lucky stars, fellow beauty junkies! There are ways you can have silky smooth skin and not spend all of your hard-earned cash. Want to know how? It turns out Granny really did know best. The old fashioned ways are the simple, cheap, and most use ingredients you will already have on hand. Curious? Then read on!



Puffy, tired eyes? Are you looking like you could do with a good night’s sleep and you’ve only just got up? Join the club. Not enough of us get anything near as much sleep as we should. The stresses and strains of everyday life can take it out of us, but how come when we are so fatigued all day, it is so hard to sleep at night? If you spend all day staring at a screen, then it could be time to go a little more low tech.

First, switch off the screens a few hours before bed. I know it’s hard not just to hop on and check your facebook or twitter. But do try and resist. Blue light disrupts your sleeping patterns, which can cause a huge amount of problems. Two, get back to basics and give your eyes a treat. Icy cool cucumber slices or even cold tea bags are great for pepping up tired and puffy peepers. Give it a go -you’ll be surprised at the results! Check out www.practicallyfunctional.com/treat-dark-circles-and-puffy-eyes-with/

If you really want your eyes to pop, then give a little loving to your lashes. Luscious lashes give you an ultra feminine look and make your eyes look bigger and more wide awake. That’s a tempting trick for tired temptresses everywhere! Eyelash curlers can make all the difference and could even persuade you to give up the falsies! Find out more at www.allsalonprices.com/how-to-get-full-long-lashes-with-an-eyelash-curler/



Big brows are still very much on trend for 2016, but it’s a full line between full and foolish! Your eyebrows frame your face. It’s always a surprise what a difference a well-groomed pair of eyebrows can make to someone’s overall look. Smooth over a little vaseline to keep any stray hairs in check and keep your brows looking beautiful! Vaseline is also great for chapped lips Not only will it lock in moisture to give you a perfect pout and the most kissable lips ever, it hardly costs a thing. There are lots of uses for Vaseline, read some more at www.vaseline.us/skin-health-care/what-is-petroleum-jelly.html

Keeping your skin as soft as can be a cinch on a budget. Nature blessed us with some of the finest exfoliators there are. They literally cost pennies Sugar and salt make awesome scrubs to slough away dead cells. You can rid yourself of uneven skin, cellulite and dry skin with a good scrubbing session and a liberal dose of moisturizer afterward. Why not try coconut oil? It’s natural, and good for you.

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