Old Trends We Don’t Miss


In the fashion world, trends have a way of going out of style just as quickly as they came in… and that isn’t always a bad thing. There are some fashion pieces that are better buried in the back of our closets, at least until the next costume party. Here are a few trends that we’re glad aren’t coming back anytime soon.

The Scrunchie

“I loved it…Except for one huge problem. You have your leading lady running all over town wearing a scrunchie. A scrunchie!” – Carrie Bradshaw

This trend was on it’s death bed in the early 2000’s, but  Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw pulled the plug by pointing out that no self-respecting woman would ever where a scrunchie outside of the privacy of her own bathroom.

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Areopostale Everything

Remember in junior high when 90 percent of the clothing in your closet had the word Areopostale on it somewhere? This is a trend that is better left in middle school, along with our braces and training bras.


Sequin Purses

Speaking of the good ole days of junior high, remember when no outfit was complete without a matching sequin purse tossed over your shoulder to go with it? All of our eyes are thankful that the sequin purse is hiding at the bottom of a bin in a thrift store somewhere.


Denim Everything

Sporting jeans or a denim jacket is one thing, but in the mid-2000s, jean skirts, jean purses, jean everything was in. Luckily, we eventually remembered that there are other fabrics, and seeing someone walking down the street in a denim jean skirt is virtually a thing of the past.

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Gaucho Pants

What would we do if yoga pants hadn’t come along and replaced gauchos? These pants combined two of the most heinous trends of century: the capri cut and anything flared.

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