Olivia Munn’s Food Choice for Weight Loss Might Surprise You

Olivia Munn has a rocking body, but how does she maintain her great figure? The 36 year old is not only celebrating National Jerky Day, but also giving this beefy treat credit for helping her slimming down.  JustJared shared that when Olivia was filming X-Men she lost a lot of weight working out and eating protein bars, but since then she found jerky is the real answer.


“I love jerky first of all, but then I looked and it was a lot less sugar and carbs and it was super high in protein,” Olivia added. “It was a lot easier than carting around a Greek yogurt because that’s what I was doing at the time. That’s when I started leveling off my weight. I was able to maintain it because it’s so delicious. It’s like steak in a bag.”

If we can look like Olivia Munn go ahead and sign us up for this jerky diet.

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