Ombré Lips {A How To Guide}


It seems that Ombré is the hottest trend around this summer. Ombré styles have taken over the fashion scene, mastered the latest hairstyles and are covering the lips of women everywhere. Ombré lips are a new beauty trend that incorporates shading two colors for contrast- and makes your lips look 3-D! Ombré lips look intimidating but perfecting them is easy!

Prime- Your first step is to prime your lips using primer. This will fill in any cracks and create an even surface for your lip color to adhere. Primer also helps extend your color’s wear!

Color- Choose two contrasting colors. Shades from the same families tend to blend best, but any two colors will work. Paint the center of your lower lip with your lighter shade. Next, fill the area around the lighter shade with your darker color. Be sure to blend where the two colors meet to soften the colors- you don’t want your lips to look too harsh.

Gloss- Adding a touch of clear gloss always makes your lips standout. This step is optional, but really makes the colors pop!

Always keep the rest of your makeup subtle when wearing this style. Your lips are meant to be the dominating feature, so bold eye makeup will be too overpowering. And most importantly, don’t forget to smile!

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    • MarciaF
    • July 17, 2012

    I love this look. My lips aren’t that full so I wonder how it will look on them.

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