Our Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

We have a huge style crush… And she’s probably yours too! Who is the fabulous fashionista I’m speaking of? None other than Olivia Palermo!

Whether she’s walking down the street or the red carpet, she is always rocking outfit that’s to die for. There is seriously not an outfit that she has worn this year that I don’t adore! If only I could raid her closet…

What we love most about Olivia’s style is how she mixes and matches different colors and prints, proving that fashion is indeed an art. Not only does she mix patterns, but also, she always pieces together outfits that are made of both expensive designer clothing and affordable non-designer clothing. So when we see her wearing Chanel with H&M, we can’t help ourselves from loving her down-to-earth fashion sense! (We also can’t help ourselves from running to the local H&M to buy whatever she is wearing!)

Below, We’ve featured some of our all-time favorite outfits that Olivia has worn. As you can see, she definitely has a one-of-a-kind style that any fashionista would be envious of! Leave a comment and let us know which outfit is your favorite! Also, let us know who your style crush is!

Olivia proves that you can finally dust off your old vest and reincorporate it into your wardrobe! For a modern twist, cinch the vest with a belt!

Tan on tan on tan? Yup, you can do it, as long as you pick out three distinctive shades!

Dress up an inexpensive oxford button-down with a big statement necklace… The bling-ier the better!

You can totally rock black tights with jeans this fall! To bring the whole look together, consider pairing your shorts and tights with a black blouse, just like Olivia!

Mixing metal hues is the latest fashion trend! Hop on the bandwagon by dressing up any grey article of clothing with gold jewelry!

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