Outfits for Every Occasion: Study Date

It’s Monday night and you have a huge biology exam tomorrow. A group of you and your friends decide to organize a study session at the local coffee house. You usually don’t care what you wear to study, but tonight is different — that cute senior basketball player in your class will be attending! In other words, your PINK sweatpants won’t cut it. Darn it.

1. Leather Skirt from awear.com, $49
2. Flannel Button-Down from svpply.com, $50
3. Canvas Tote from etsy.com, $20
4. Glasses from ocshades.com, $10
5. Leopard Loafers gap.com, $49.95
6. Leather Cuff from forzieri.com, $345

But you’re a fashionista, so it’s no problem! You know what to do — play up your nerdy side. If you have a pair of glasses with large frames, be sure to wear them! They’ll definitely give you an intellectual vibe…it’s true what they say; glasses totally make you “look smarter.”

Add a hint of schoolgirl style to your outfit by wearing a pleated mini, too. Leather minis are all the rage right now, and everyone from Kristen Cavallari to Selena Gomez is wearing them. Although leather skirts can be pricey, this one is a steal at $49!

Because the skirt is so simple, you can pair it with a variety of different shirts, including flowy blouses or graphic tees. For a study date, opt for a more laid-back feel by wearing a flannel shirt. Abercrombie & Fitch carries some of the cutest, best-fitting ones around!

When it comes to the really important part, A.K.A. shoes, dressy heels are a big no-no. Instead, try wearing a comfortable pair of flats. Loafers are a college staple, although they can sometimes be boring. To stand out, buy a unique pair that is made of patterned material! Consider a leopard pattern, as it’s the latest trend in the world of fashion.

Opt for a functional bag that can actually hold your textbook and binders. Don’t show up with your small Michael Kors purse — it will make you look like you’re more prepared to walk down the runway than study! Try carrying a canvas bag that has a cute graphic on it.

Looking cute and put-together for your study date is quite simple. Just add a touch of school girl flair to your outfit, and you’ll instantly bring out the intellectual and nerdy side of your personality. More importantly, you’ll be more than ready to ace that test (and win over that cute senior).


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