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This fall, women’s fashion is all about switching genders. From boxy cuts and oversized suits, embrace the masculine inspired clothing on the runways in your every day fall style.  One look I cannot get enough of is the over-sized suit. This look is perfect for the workplace or out on the town.  From solids to prints this oversized ensemble looks great and is even more comfortable!

Wearing your oversized suit to work can seem like a daunting fashion risk. If you style your suit properly, you will leave your co-workers thinking “man, I need to buy a suit just like that!” When thinking about the right suit to wear consider your office setting. For a more creative setting like a marketing firm or computer programming company wearing a printed suit would look ultra chic and fit the overall style of the workplace. However, if you work in a more corporate setting select a solid colored suit for a more professional feel.

When wearing your suit to work, it is important to pick the right accessories. Smaller sized jewelry is the best accent; studded earrings and bangles would look awesome paired with a solid colored suit. For your printed suit select a fun over sized necklace like the photo above. Shoes wise, wearing solid colored pumps is just right. Pumps will give you the sophistication without the added attention to your overall look.

On the town consider wearing your suit in separates. Wear your oversized trousers with a solid colored blouse or shirt and bold jewelry. This look will be both comfortable and stylish. Another way to rock your look is to pair your over sized suit jacket with dark skinny denim and a blouse. This will play with proportions balancing the femininity of skinny jeans with the masculinity of the suit jacket perfectly. For your shoes stick with solid colored pumps as well.

Man up! Show off your chic masculine style and leave your friends and co-workers in awe of your daring yet chic fashion choice.

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