10 Packing Essentials for Vacation

Over-packing is common for us girls when we’re about to go on vacation. There’s day and night looks, bikinis, Kentucky-Derby-style hats to take to the beach, accessories, shoes and probably a lot more things we think we need. The point is by the time you go weigh your bag, it’s about 10 pounds over and the airport gives you two options. Pay extra for the luggage or take some things out to put in the already overstuffed carry-on.

Instead of overthinking what you’re going to wear every time the sun orbits, focus on the fun and relaxation that vacations bring. Leave all the extra room in your luggage for the new clothes you buy on your trip and get ready to only pack these top 10 essentials.

No matter where you go, a sundress is essential because it’s the perfect day-to-night solution. Sundresses accessorize well, are comfortable and can be worn over swimwear.

White is in! Pair them with anything (even that cute bikini top) and they’ll show you off like the sun-kissed goddess you are.

Pair this tank with white shorts and you’re ready for a day of adventure! Because really, where else do you wear a shirt on vacation?

An essential to any vacation. Ride the waves or lie on the beach with a romance novel and show off your curves in a teeny bikini!


Keep yourself protected by making sure you stock up on your Kotex before you head out on vacation.

If you feel the urge to go dancing (and you should; it’s vacation after all, let LOOSE!) do it in a skirt. Keep it simple if you want to rock a crazy shirt, or vice-versa.

If for some reason it starts to get cold, jeans are a good back up to have. If you’re not feeling the newest jean craze (colored jeans), don’t panic. Blue jeans work and match. But, if you want to try something new, light-colored jeans are especially popular. Plus, that’s another piece that shows off your great tan!

This classic top can bring stares from guys and girls. Matching with a skirt or jeans, wear a bustier when going out on the town.

What girl doesn’t need a bag to tote around her beach gear, accessories and knick-knacks? Try wearing a bright one and stand out from the crowd.

They make you look cute, trendy and they protect your eyes? Oh sunglasses.

Remember those nights in Cancun you and your girls went all out at Club Basics? Probably not, because you forgot to being your camera! Cameras will act as your memory when it gets a little fuzzy, be a good witness and can be any girl’s sidekick!

Checking off these ten packing essentials is a way to make sure you will have a fabulous time on vacation this summer!

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