Sarah Ruhlman


Sarah Ruhlman is a former first grade teacher turned blogepreneur.   She is a blogger, social media influencer and television personality.

She has worked with hundreds of brands and has been blogging for over 10 years.  Her work has been featured across the internet and in many national publications.

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Ellen Petersen


Ellen Colette is a senior at Benedictine College studying Journalism and Mass Communications.  She one day hopes to work for a non-profit missions company or as a travel writer for National Geographic.

In her spare time, Ellen enjoys running, free-writing in coffee shops and reading classic novels.

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Kayla Reed


Kayla Reed is a Junior at Avila University studying Marketing with a Minor in Advertising and Public Relations. Her hobbies include reading, DIY projects, and running around Kansas City. Kayla hopes to one day find her passion in the beauty world.

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Laura Fotovich

Entertainment Contributor

Laura Fotovich is very excited to be a part of the Sarah Scoop team!  She has a passion for writing about anything from fashion to movies and in her free time she enjoys singing as well as playing the piano and guitar.  In her future, Laura hopes to pursue a career in vocal performance and continue writing.

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Veronica Vivona


Veronica Vivona received her B.A. in Creative Writing and Sociology in 2015 from the University of North Texas. She is a writer specializing in a range of topics including interviews, sponsorship, beauty, food, and entertainment. Veronica is enthusiastic as her writing career continues to flourish and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for her. You can also check out her writing portfolio here.

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 Shelby Rainford


Shelby Rainford is a senior professional writing major at Blackburn College with a minor in computer science. She strives to lead a sustainable lifestyle and, through her writing, hopes to inspire others to do the same. Shelby enjoys reading, knitting, and exercising in her free time.
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Savannah Walsh


Savannah is a junior at the University of Missouri majoring in Journalism and minoring in Film Studies. She one day hopes to work as a pop culture writer for Vanity Fair or Entertainment Weekly. Savannah is passionate about film, fashion and imagining she’s Carrie Bradshaw.

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Hannah Downie


Hannah is a senior at University of Missouri-Kansas City studying Journalism and Mass Communications and French. Her hobbies include running, traveling, yoga, eating ice cream, and watching Netflix show after Netflix show. Someday she hopes to work for the United Nations and write for Condé Nast!

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Lauren Morley


Lauren Morley is a senior at Northwest Missouri State University studying Communications and Public Relations. In her free time Lauren enjoys reading, traveling, and cooking. In her future, Lauren hopes to work for a museum or gallery.

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Kelsie Baldus


Kelsie is a Sophomore at MCC-Longview. Her plan is to pursue business at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in the Fall of 2018. A goal of hers is to own real estate in every state in the U.S. so that she always has somewhere to vacation at. Being outdoors, experiencing new things, and shopping for either herself or her Jeep are her favorite pastimes.

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