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Blogging Career

3 Ways to Use Your Blog To Further Your Career

3 days ago

For many of us in the midst of our blogging career, we can get to a point where we may need to supplement our income with extra work. You could get a job working at your local coffee house, or you could start to use your blogging skills and work with other businesses or brands […]

Life Women Empowerment

5 Ways Woman Can Live A More Fulfilling Life

3 days ago

Everyone wants to lead a happy and fulfilling life. You are probably reading this article because you are wondering if there is more to life than studying, going to work, paying the bills, and sleeping. You may even feel like there isn’t much fun or an abundance of happiness in your days. If that’s the […]


6 Ways to Increase Your Salary

3 days ago

Do you deserve to be paid more? In a study of employees at major companies, only 36% said they were satisfied with their wage. Most of us want to earn more money – but how do you go about achieving this. Here are a few ways how you methods that could have you boosting your […]

Kansas City Lifestyle

20 Best Places for the Twenty Somethings in Kansas City

3 days ago

Kansas City is a hub for arts and entertainment.  There’s so much to do and so many things to try the options can be overwhelming. This comprehensive Twenty-Somethings Guide to Kansas City highlights everything you need to survive your 20s in Kansas City.  From local farmers markets to your next Friday night plans we’ve covered […]

Food & Recipes Health Lifestyle

5 Quick and Healthy Lunch Options

4 days ago

Take out and fast food are easy defaults when you’re on your lunch break and didn’t have time to pack lunch, but eating out can be expensive and unhealthy. Lunch doesn’t have to be difficult to be quick and nutritious. Try these 5 quick and healthy lunch options to add flavor to your day. Avocado […]

Celebrities Interview The Scoop On

The Scoop on Bravolebrity Lisa Vanderpump

4 days ago

Restaurateur, designer, author, dog lover, humanitarian, and of course Bravolebrity from the hit Bravo series the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills—Lisa Vanderpump does it all! Now with her strong passion for the love of dogs she is on a mission to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Get the full scoop with LVP below in […]

Kansas City Resturants

The Scoop on The Jacobson’s New Private Event Space

4 days ago

Looking to plan your next party or host a private event?  The Jacobson announced the official opening of it’s expansion and new event space in the Crossroads District this past week.  The interior is inspired by the history of the building with art paying homage to Harry S. Truman, Kansas City, and the Jacobson brothers. […]

Interview The Scoop On Women Empowerment

The Scoop on Tasha Blasi & The FU Project

4 days ago

Meet Tasha Blasi, a fertility catalyst who founded The FU (Fertilities Unite) Project! Tasha took her own pregnancy experiences and transformed them into connections with women from all over! Her goal—to dramatically reduce the time, energy, money, and stress that it takes for you to get pregnant. To get the full scoop on Tasha and […]

Celebrities Interview The Scoop On

The Scoop on MTV’s The Challenge Anika Rashaun

4 days ago

Meet Anika Rashaun! You may recognize her from MTV’s Real World Season 32: Bad Blood or this year’s season of MTV’s The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions. To get the full scoop on Anika from Challenge insight to her lifestyle brand AskAnika check out our Q&A together below: Where did you grow up? I grew […]

Giveaways Kansas City

GIVEAWAY: Win 1 Ticket To @WarriorDash #WarriorDashKC This Weekend (4/29) #WarriorDash

5 days ago

Warrior Dash is coming to Kansas City this weekend (April 29)!! Warrior Dash is the obstacle course race that anyone can start and everyone can finish. With over three million participants worldwide since 2009, they’ve reinvented the concept of a 5k run and created a revolution: Warrior Nation. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just […]