Parisian Eats: Let Them Eat Cake…And Macarons!

Want to eat like Marie Antoinette? Recently, I had the chance to go to Paris and discovered my infinite love for the French confection, macarons, at the luxury pastry shop, Ladurée.  The brand is known for their decadent cakes and pastries, but most famous for their double-layered macarons, fifteen thousand of which are sold everyday.  They come in a wide array of flavors, but my particular favorite has to be the classic chocolate.        

Ladurée made the pastries for the equally decadent film Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola in 2006.  The famous macarons can be found in a scene between Marie Antoinette and Ambassador Mercy. 

You can take home the delicious goodies in chic packaging or grab a table in the shop and unwind with a pastry and a cup of tea.  I am smitten with the look of the brand, it is so delightfully French, exquisitely sweet, and oh so chic. 


Visit Ladurée on the most beautiful avenue in the world:

75, avenue des Champs Elysées– 75008 Paris

Their tearooms are located in many other locations across France and all over the world.  Luckily, a shop recently opened stateside in New York City:  

864 Madison Avenue, New York 10021

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