Peanut Butter Banana Pizza Recipe (290 Calories)


This Peanut Butter Banana Pizza is so easy to make and taste delicious. Plus, its under 300 calories!

I used the Jif Whips peanut butter to keep the calories lower than regular peanut butter.  It’s a personal preference, but I actually think the whipped taste better. I also use the low carb version of Mama Lupe’s wraps. As for bananas, well any kind of those will do. 🙂



  • -Cut up the banana into slices
  • -Spread peanut butter on the wrap
  • -Spread the banana slices
  • -Cut like a pizza
  • -Enjoy 😉

Here is the nutrition information. I use My Fitness Pal to track and see nutritional information.  The total calories in 290.

This recipe is super easy and by combining just 3 tasty treats into one you get a ‘pizza’ something new. 😉

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