The Perfect Profession For Your Personality

by Sarah Ruhlman

In most places, the majority of people wish they had different jobs. With a lot of modern roles being incredibly boring or physically intensive, work can be hell if you don’t like what you’re doing. Unfortunately, though, most people don’t realise that they have a chance for change in their career. With over 52% of Americans being unhappy in their job, it’s easy to see that some change is due. What exactly can you do to make a difference for yourself, though?

When choosing their career, a lot of people fail to consider a crucial aspect of their life; their personality. Instead, people will decide to apply for a role based on its convenience and the money it will pay them. This is a mistake, though, as living without the right job can be hell, and your personality will play a large part in your satisfaction. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some different personality types and the jobs that go with them. Along with this, it will also go through some tips to help you secure the job of your dreams.

The Socialite

There is a huge range of personality traits exhibited by different people. For some, the need to be around others and to socialise is much stronger than other urges. If you find yourself seeking people wherever you can, there are loads of jobs which could work for you, and you already have the skills you need to do them well. A great example of a role like this is social work. In this sort of job, you’d spend your days working with those in need of social help, from children with difficult parents to vulnerable adults who struggle with normal life. Accredited MSW online programs are the best option to help you get qualified for this sort of role. Along with this, you will have to work on some professional skills detailed later on.

The Fitness Junky

Some people won’t care about getting into a role which gives them the chance to talk to others. Instead, other aspects of your life might take precedence, and you’ll want to base your career on something else. Not a lot of people realize that their passion for sport or fitness can be turned into their livelihood. Working as a personal trainer is a great option, though you could also try to become a dietician or team coach. All of these roles have great futures and will give you the chance to enjoy the activities you love.

The Teacher

Not a lot of people have the burning desire to spread knowledge and information to others. Teaching takes a lot of energy, and only those with the right drive, determination, and passion will be able to succeed in the field. If you have these elements, a role in a school or university can be an incredibly satisfying one. In a lot of cases, you can get a job in education with a simple degree and some experience. But, taking a public speaking or teaching course will help a lot. If you want to teach very young children, you might have to study for a while to get the right qualifications to do the job.

The Nerdy

Computers, phones, and all sorts of other technology seems very boring to most people. Instead of wanting to know how these devices work, most will want to simply use them, ignoring their inner design. Of course, though, this isn’t everyone. If you find yourself intrigued by the devices you use, a job in IT, computing, or design could be perfect for you. This sort of role will take a lot of study. But, in some cases, people have been able to forge a career using self-teaching methods. There are too many roles in this field to talk about, so it’s important that you do plenty of research for yourself.

The Practical

Along with passions for electronics, teaching, and being social, a lot of people find themselves getting joy out of more practical things in life. Engineering and construction are incredibly important fields, and there are loads of roles out there which involve a lot more than laying bricks. Getting into a job in this field can be achieved through loads of different paths. Apprenticeships are great for those looking to earn as they learn, but you can also study full and part-time courses at a lot of different institutions.

Starting Your Career

Once you have a good idea of the personality trait you’re going to use to find your perfect job, it’s a good idea to get some experience under your belt. In most cases, you will get a chance to do work experience at different points during your education. Along with this, a lot of small businesses will be willing to give you some work to do, if you’re willing to do it for free. Giving yourself a taster like this will be invaluable once it comes to deciding which path you want to go down. Most people go into their career blind. But, in reality, matching your personality isn’t enough, and you have to try it before you commit.

If you find yourself enjoying the work you’re doing, it should be nice and easy to keep up motivation, and your work should be good. Of course, though, most people don’t get an easy ride when it comes to drive. It can be very easy to lose your determination and become apathetic about work. Instead, you have to be working towards improvement every day during your working life. The same applies to your studies, and you should always throw yourself into them. This will help to ensure success, while also proving your ability in the field.

Of course, working for someone else isn’t the only way you can have a good career, though. A lot of people never consider the idea of running their own business. But, in reality, this could be exactly the right way to match your role to your personality. If you don’t like being told what to do or don’t find working for someone else to be motivating, putting your time into something solely for you can be a great way to improve your chances. Running a business not only gives you freedom but also gives you something to work for.

When you apply for a job, you’re effectively entering a competition between yourself and the other candidates. In this struggle, the prospective employer will be looking for those with the best resumes as their first port of call. Improving this document is just a matter of doing some extra work. By doing some free charity work in your field, volunteering with another company, or finding another way to add to your resume, you will stand out from the crowd. This is very important in modern job hunting. So, it’s important that you take it very seriously.

Are You Happy?

Your personality is one of the biggest considerations you should be making whenever you’re going for something life-changing like a job. It can be very easy to find yourself in a position you don’t enjoy simply because it isn’t compatible with your personality. This is a horrible position to be in, and it will usually leave people feeling unhappy with their job. After a short time in your job, you should remind yourself to think about happiness. If you don’t have it, it’s probably time for some major change.

It’s important to keep happiness in mind in the future, too. Your work will likely change as time goes on, and adapting to it might not be pleasant. In some cases, this could be too much to deal with, forcing you to look for something different. In this case, it’s important to remember that it’s never too late to change your job. If you have the right level of drive, it should be nice and easy to work hard and excel at a new skill. Most people won’t go to this sort of length to make change in their life. But, if your job doesn’t work with your personality, you have to find a way to make a little bit of change.

Starting fresh will take a lot of work, wherever you are in life. You might have to go back to school to learn new skills, and you may even have to spend several years there. Under these circumstances, you might have to hold on to the job you don’t like very much for just a little bit until you can start doing something you enjoy more. Starting your own business will make this a lot easier, often limiting the studying you have to do before you can begin with work.

This post should give you a healthy dose of career inspiration. A lot of people struggling in this area, choosing to follow factors like money and time over their personality. This is a fundamental part of you, though. It has to be factored in when you make any sort of big decision. Along with this, you also have to think about your passions and joys, and the areas you have the most skills in. Most people will naturally learn about the things they enjoy.

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