Perfect Thanksgiving In Your Dorm Room

College students always look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday as a chance to go home, be with friends and family, and escape the stress of school. If you aren’t so lucky and have to stay on campus for the holidays or if you just want to get together with your college friends before you leave, it’s perfectly possible to have a fun Thanksgiving celebration in your dorm room!  Lets talk about how to have the perfect Thanksgiving in your dorm room.

First and foremost, decorate your room. Buy cute window clings or autumn-colored garlands to hang. If you are really crafty, get inspired by Pinterest or Etsy and create your own fall decorations. Decorating itself will get you into the Thanksgiving spirit. Once your room is full of orange, yellow, and red, find other students that will be around over the break and send out cute, handmade invitations inviting them to your apartment or dorm lounge. Typically, international students and students who live very farm from home stay on campus so send out emails, post flyers on campus, or speak up at club meetings. A lot of cities host Thanksgiving Day turkey trots and 5K runs that would be fun to attend with a group in the morning or gather around the communal TV to watch a longstanding tradition, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

While holiday-themed activities are sure to be a blast and a great way to get to know new people, the feast itself is what most of us dream of each November. Sure, it would be near impossible to cook a whole turkey in your dorm room but there are other easy ways to recreate your mom’s delicious cooking. Most of the following list can be microwaved if that’s all you have! You can even ask other students who are coming to each bring a dish so you aren’t stuck making everything. It won’t be the traditional day-long affair in the kitchen that you may have had at home with your family but your Thanksgiving on campus can be just as fun. It will give you a chance to bond with other students that are staying at school for the break and possibly make new friends. Don’t forget to check around campus or the local town to see if there are any holiday events or traditions going on that you could participate in.  A lot of campuses offer activities for students who can’t get home for the holidays to have their own unique celebration.

Easy cooking ideas:

Turkey breasts (can be baked in the oven, roasted, or even microwaved)

Mashed potatoes and gravy


Sweet potatoes

Cranberry sauce

Rolls (check your local bakery for these and other desserts!)

No-bake pumpkin pie


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