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So it’s August and you as a warm weather loving human being might notice that the end of summer as we know it in 2015 is coming to an inevitable end. These new artists have a specifically cool sound. Perfect for a portable speaker on your last days the beach. Or the last time you try to salvage the summer spirit at a rooftop party.
Say Lou Lou-

Say Lou Lou is the Swedish girl sister band we’ve all unknowingly been waiting for. You might have heard their single “Julian” on the new Volvo Summer Sales Event.

Kali Uchis-

Kali Uchis is your favorite rapper’s new artist. Her cool Californian attitude exudes through her synth-y retro approach to pop music.

Leon Bridges-

Leon Bridges’ mouth is a time machine, period. His music sounds like some vinyls you’ve blew dust off of and squeezed them into a CD like some auditory toothpaste.

Years & Years-

Year & Years just came out with their debut album ‘Communion’ and it’s the perfect summer album because you can dance and eat your heart out at the same time.

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