Why Personalizing Your Home Is the Best Decor Decision You Can Make

We’ve all seen those dream houses with unique decor arrangements, fancy and expensive touches and potentially even crazy renovations that we would never have expected. However, it’s good to remember that most of those ideas are completely based on someone’s perception of what looks good. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone can accept the same designs as the norm, which is why personalization is the next best option.

If you want your home to stand out, then we’ve put together a list of reasons why you should consider adding some personalization to your home. We’ll also go through some basic methods to help you personalize your home and advice that will turn you into an interior design guru.

Why bother personalizing your home?

First, let’s go through a couple of reasons why you’d want to personalize your home.


  • Make it different – No one wants to live in a bog-standard boring house, do they? Everyone wants to live in their personal palace and that’s what customising your home can give you. Personalize it so that no one else shares the same colours, decor or furniture arrangement as you do to stand out and be unique.
  • Surround yourself with positivity – Since you can personalize your home with whatever you want, you could potentially surround yourself with positive vibes and things that make you happy. Want to smile each time you look at a wall? Why not put a giant poster of your interests and favourite comic book characters? Want to remember a friend or family members? Put up framed pictures in locations like the hallway so that they’re always in your heart and mind.
  • Show off your interests and tastes – If your friends and family members visit on a regular basis then why not show off your interests and tastes by letting them see what you love? Be it the colours you love, the patterns you adore or even just your favourite shows, you can personalize your home in a way that oozes style and personality.
  • Cheaper than renovating – If you really want to make your home seem more personalized and tuned to your tastes then adding your own decor and sense of style is a far cheaper way to do so without needing to renovate your entire home.
  • Feel more comfortable – And lastly, surrounding yourself with things that you enjoy and decor you like will make you feel more comfortable at home. Everyone wants to feel like they belong in their home and focusing on comfort is perhaps the best way to do so.
  • Never regret your purchase – Some people end up regretting the home they buy because it’s not to their liking. Perhaps the colours are off, maybe the shapes are strange or it could just be that the entire theme of the home doesn’t fit what they want. With personalization, you can remove these doubts and fall in love with the home you purchased.a


Make your home yours

Yes, it’s really cliche to say “make a house a home” but it can be really special if you allow it to be. Personalizing your home with luxury design pieces, pictures of your family or even posters of your favorite cartoon heroes can give it a comfortable feeling that really makes your house feel like a home. Be it the colors you enjoy or the type of furniture you like, your home can ooze personality if you’re willing to spend the money, effort and time on personalizing it.

Splashing colors around

Colors can be incredibly personal. Not only do we all have our favorite colors and palettes, but the colours themselves can evoke different emotions. For example, cool colors get the brain going and can make the environment more peaceful and calming. Warm colors such as orange can give you an energetic feeling and tranquil colors like light brown and white can make you feel relaxed and soothed. You could cover your home with different shades of color just to evoke a different emotion in every room if you wanted. But whatever the case, it’s a great way to personalize your home.

Following your own personal decor ideas is much better than following a really bland and basic pattern or theme that you found in a magazine. Be creative, be bold and personalize your home to your liking. You’ll find that it comes with many advantages and it also gives you creative freedom that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Whether you’re splashing colors all over your home or just hanging up posters and pictures of your favorite interests, don’t neglect the power of personalizing your home.

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