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Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, (I received the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with line of service from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive feedback. All opinions are my own).Safety-First Imagine yourself walking down a street in the middle of the night. There’s hardly any working street lamps, nobody else in sight, its eerily quiet and you’ve still got quite a way to go before you’re in the comfort of your home. Then you think you hear footsteps coming from behind you. You turn around, but don’t see anyone there. Now you’re paranoid. Are you being followed? Is this the first scene in an episode of Criminal Minds, before the girl goes missing? It’s super late and you don’t know if anyone will want to talk if you call. Right now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Wow, this happened to me last week.”

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an app on your phone to help make you feel safe in a situation like this? Well what do you know, of course there’s an app for that! I found some apps that you should most definitely download; they may save your life!  Check out these phone apps that keep you safe.

Circle of 6This app is endorsed by the White House, so it has to be good! It allows you to choose 6 trusted friends to add to your “circle” and if you get in a scary situation with just two discreet taps on your phone it will send them a pre-programmed text message with your exact location. In a critical situation, the app can also connect you to a local emergency number or two national hotlines.

Guardly – This app has a low monthly fee but it’s one of the most advanced of its kind. You can choose 15 safety contacts who will be alerted by phone call, email, or text message. You can also create groups based on different situations. If you’re away at school and find yourself in trouble on campus, you can have a group of friends nearby as well as the campus police. If you’re back in your hometown, you can have your family and friends from that area in another group. You can snap and share photos with your group, personalize a profile with your health information and instantly connect to 911.

Smart-ICE – In case you’re involved in an accident where you aren’t able to tell the paramedics your medical history, having this app will give them all the information they need with the click of a button. You can enter information like your name, who to contact in case of emergency, blood type, allergies, physician’s name and number, what medications you’re on, health insurance information and previous medical history.

StreetSafe – This app has a ‘Walk With Me’ service that will connect you with a live Security Advisor trained in reassurance techniques and safety procedures who will immediately have your exact location. They will stay on the phone with you until you are in a safe place. It also has a silent alarm to contact 911 without drawing attention to yourself. The app will deliver your location, age, physical description and photo so that local authorities can find you and help.

WatchMe 911 – This app has 4 different alert modes, a flashlight, continuous GPS monitoring, Facebook and Twitter alert capability, a “watch” system that can be personalized to any situation (i.e. blind date, jogging) and connects to 911 and an unlimited amount of self-selected contacts. With the tap of a button you can alert the police and send out a message to your specified contacts with your exact location.

Hollaback – This app is actually amazing. If you’ve been harassed while walking down the street and you can snap a picture of their face, (although not necessary, definitely helpful) you can upload it to with your story and location, the type of harassment and if it happened to you or if you witnessed it. After the site contacts you to confirm details, it will be published for everyone else to see and avoid!

I hope you never find yourself in a situation where you need to use one of these apps, but its better to have just in case! Just try to travel in groups, don’t walk in poorly lit areas at night, don’t interact with strangers and, dear lord, please don’t meet up with some random guy you’ve met on Tinder. It may sound like a good idea at the time, but I promise you, it’s not.

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    • AnnicaNicole
    • July 14, 2014

    These apps all sound great! I know that being in a new city and going out for a run alone makes me a little nervous. I’ll have to check them out!

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