Pinterest: An Addiction or a fad?

We all know someone who is guilty of spending hours on pinterest. Maybe it’s you, your friend, or even your family member. But what makes it so addicting?

Is it an addiction, or is it just a fad?

Pinterest allows us to categorize our interest and create our own personality, but on a different level than social networks allow us to connect on. Pinterest allows for more categorization and self-connection.

Bakers, gardeners, sports fans, and fashionistas can all use pinterest and gain the same satisfaction from it. Fashion bloggers can use pinterest to categorize inspiring quotes, shoes, accessories, outfits…the possibilities are endless.
So what do you think? Is pinterest just a fad or an addiction?

I think it’s an addiction- but a healthy one at that. I use pinterest to categorize my thoughts, ideas, things I want to accomplish, and outfits I would wear.

Pinterst is a great point of reference to store ideas, and I am a big fan. Are you?


Comment below and let me know what you think!

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