Plan Your Perfect Wedding With This Essential Wedding Checklist

Will you be walking down the aisle in a couple of months? Is your big day already sorted and organised? As much as you’d love to answer that last question with a confident ‘yes’, most of us leave lots of wedding planning till the very last minute.


It doesn’t have to all be a rush right at the end though. One of the essential features of a successful wedding day is lots of planning. We want to help you ensure everything on the big day goes off without a hitch. So here’s our essential wedding checklist so you don’t forget anything for your big day.

The Rings

Whatever you do don’t forget about the wedding rings! You’ll be surprised to hear just how many couples are left ringless at the alter. It’s best to choose your rings as soon as you set a date. Speak to your local jeweller to discuss styles and colours. You should try and pick one that will match the bride’s diamond engagement ring as she’ll be wearing both at once. Plain gold bands are the most popular wedding rings, but there’s no reason you can’t add some bling to yours with other precious stones.

The Dress

You’ve already ordered your dream dress. You’ve also got the bridesmaid sorted with some cute frocks too. Now all you need is for them to arrive on time. You can also try to arrange collection from the bridalwear shop yourself to save yourself from a delivery nightmare. If you are getting the dresses delivered, it’s always a good idea to call the store the evening before just to give them a friendly reminder.

The Cake and Flowers

As with the dress, the cake and flowers could turn into a delivery nightmare as well. To make sure this isn’t the case, arrange to pick it up yourself. Otherwise, give the florist or cake shop a friendly call the evening before just to make sure they haven’t forgotten you!

The Band

You’ll most want to book a band or singer for your evening entertainment. Everyone loves to dance at weddings, so your entertainment for the evening may not be such a big deal for you, but it is for your many guests! Don’t leave booking a band until the last minute. Ideally, you need to confirm this, at least, six months before the big day.

Hair Trials

You may have in your mind the perfect hairstyle for the big day. But don’t wait until the day of your wedding to try it for the first time! Styles don’t look the same on everyone and one that looked fabulous on a model in a magazine might not suit you. Choose a style that fits your face shape and have a trial run with your hairdresser. This also gives you a chance to test out your stylist’s skills. If you don’t feel comfortable with him or her, you can always book someone else.

The only thing that’s missing now? Your other half! It’s time to head down that aisle to them…

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