Play Up A Plain T-Shirt

So, the basic plain white T’s, no not the band. The one universal item that everyone has somewhere in that “organized mess” we call our closets. The plain T can be dressed up and dressed down, but it is never a bad thing to give this boring pieces a little fit-and-flare. There are so many little things you can do to make it more YOU. First off, Cut it, make it into a crop top to wear in the summer! Fix it up with all the new trends that are out for the season. You could also add the ombre effect to it with a bright neon color. Second, if you just love the shirt the way it is, just add a lot of accessories. If your a boho girl, add a chunky tribal necklace and hobo bag to it. For the more edgy girl, add some leather. A lightweight black leather to it with some studded bracelets or shoes, would give it that edgy feel. Even for the soft girly girl, wear some light washed jeans, whether it be pastel pink or lavender, and a soft floral scarf with earrings to pull it all together. Just adding anything that expresses more of who you are will play up the plain white T any day!



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